Association des Étudiants en Histoire du Luxembourg

Historic.UL is a relatively young students‘ association: It was founded in April 2016 by history students of the University of Luxembourg. In the meantime, it has settled its base in Esch-Belval. Although the University of Luxembourg has thus been the centre of the association’s activities, it now seeks to widen out its community to Luxembourgish history students abroad, so as to represent all history students *of* Luxembourg and *in* Luxembourg. Consequently, international history students at the University of Luxembourg are also cordially invited to join. The association aims to bring together students from different degrees, namely Bachelor, Master and PhD students. Its goal is to facilitate contacts between students from the different degree programmes and to promote convivial relations between them, not least by bringing them together in various activities and events. Furthermore, the association wishes to stand as a contact point for future history students looking for advice about their studies; they are very welcome to send in questions and concerns! In addition, Historic.UL rejoices in the collaboration with the Institut d’Histoire of the University of Luxembourg and with the newly created Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH), and is willing to create contacts with other associations and institutions in the field of history. Thus, the association strives to give insight into the local academic field, or, casually speaking, it aims to give its members the opportunity to experience „history in the making“. Historic.UL‘s committee, elected annually, is currently composed of thirteen students of the University of Luxembourg. Not only do we bring together history students, but we also accept the support of any history interested person or any person who whishes to help out the history students of their respective universities. Activities: - Monthly Regulars' Table - End-of-Semester Barbecue - Various guided tours - Stand at the Belval Christmas Market - Collaboration with the *Let's Talk About History* committee --- Bank Account IBAN LU09 1111 7043 0181 0000 CCPLLULL